Slate Coloured Junco

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Slate Coloured (Dark Eyed) Junco
Winter Plumage
Male: Black Top, White Bottom, Pink Beak Female Brownish Black Top, White Bottom, Pink Beak
Summer Plumage
Male: Black Top, White Bottom, Pink Beak Female Brownish Black Top, White Bottom, Pink Beak
Favourite Seed
Black Oil Sunflower
Feeder Type
Ground Feeder
14-16 cm
18-25 cm

The Slate Coloured Junco is one of Ontario's most common winter feeder birds.

Description Edit

Adults generally have a grey-to-dark black back and a bright, white belly. They have no wing bars or eye line. The white tail feathers are very obvious during flight. Both sexes are ultimately the same, but females are usually paler or more brown. Juvenile juncos are similar to the adult with more streaks on their back, wings, and chest.

Voice Edit

The song of this junco is like a tiitiitiitii and the all is a sharp Tick!

Range Edit

During the summer months, the slate coloured junco can be found from the northern U.S. to northern Canada.

In winter they can be found from southern Canada to northern Mexico.
Junc hyem AllAm map

Range Map for the Slate Coloured Junco

Their year-round area is along southern Canada, northern U.S and along the western coast of U.S.

Nesting Edit

The nest is open with the support of bark, dried leaves, and roots. the inside is lined with hair, fine grasses, and moss sentae. The nest is usally placed along a protected area like a blowen down tree or along a sloped rock.

The eggs are are a white blue with brown spots.

The incubation duration is 12-13 days. With a a clutch size of 3-5 eggs. The chicks start to fledge within 9 days.

Sources Edit[1][2]

Feeder Birds: Eastern North America by Roger Tory Peterson

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